Beef and Ale Pie

Pie pic

Why make it....

Nigel learnt this recipe at college and wanted to share it - it's simple to prepare and tastes delicious! 

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Jackie’s Jamaican Patties

jama patties

Why make it....

They’re very tasty and they’ll put you in a sunshine holiday mood!

Click here for Beef and Vegetarian versions of Jackie’s recipe

Meatballs with Hidden Vegetables


Why make it....

One of our ‘Kids Can Cook’ recipe favourites. Tasty, healthy and fun to make - our young chefs love squishing and rolling the mixture.

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Veggie Shepherd's Pie

veggie pie

Why make it....

Something quick and easy to make, that Nigel, our Café Assistant, learnt in college and wanted to share. It's not just for vegetarians.

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Barbara’s Coffee Cake

Barbara's Coffee Cake

Why make it....

A cafe favourite! Barbara makes teas at her local cricket club and this cake is always a big hit with the cricketers. It gets better with age!

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Meera's Pakora


Why make it....

Meera shared this recipe at her Indian Cookery Course and it was a hit! These lovely little veggie bites are a perfect snack or accompaniment to an Indian meal!

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