What's Happened

At Round About, we want to:
   * be friendly and fun, and serve great coffee and cake
   * focus on wellbeing, training, support and communication (all the things that help in life)
   * promote health through affordable, nutritious food
   * offer digital access including free Wi-Fi and laptops to use
   * support 'all things local'
   * have fantastic volunteer support - and be not-for-profit (yet make enough money to keep running)
   * enjoy pretending we're on the Great British Bake Off

You can check whether we're doing this by reading our annual reviews below...

Our year 2015-2016 - Our most recent report shows what we've been up to October 2015-October 2016. It's been another great year in the Round About Café and we'd love to tell you all about it.

Our year 2014-2015 - Our second year report covers October 2014-October 2015. It's been quite a year! Have a look for yourself and see what how we've been working with our volunteers and the local community. 

Our story so far 2013-2014 - We've produced a report which details everything we did in our first year to October 2014. It's pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves! We're a bit overwhelmed by the support the café has received from our fantastic volunteers and our wonderful customers so thanks to everyone who has supported us.